House regulations

In order to enjoy a pleasant stay and to prevent any misunderstandings, please read these House Regulations.

When confirming the reservation, it is assumed that you are familiar with and accept these House Regulations. Noncompliance with the House Regulations may result in cancellation of the reservation, and the full cost of the stay may be charged, regardless of possible early check-out.

During the stay, the guest can refer to the host for any information or help. Any complaints on the quality of accommodation should immediately be brought to the host, and if the host does not take the necessary measures to resolve them, the guest is advised to contact the agency.

Keeping the accommodation clean and orderly is the guests’ responsibility and they are required to maintain it. The host is not required to clean the accommodation during the guests' stay or to take out the garbage.

The host shall provide the guests with fresh bed linens every 7 days. The host is not required to provide guests with towels, dishcloths, toilet paper and other toiletries, cleaning products, dish soap, sun loungers or beach umbrellas.

The host is not responsible for organizing guests' leisure and entertainment activities.

Guests are responsible for taking care of any belongings and valuables they leave in the accommodation unit, and the host is not liable for their possible loss. Guests are advised to close the windows and lock the door when they leave the accommodation unit.

The host may not enter the accommodation unit in the guest's absence, except in special circumstances that make it necessary to do so - in case of danger or in order to prevent damages. If the host has entered the accommodation, he is required to inform the guest about it when the guest returns. If the host has reason to believe that the guest has caused damages to the property, the guest must allow the host to enter the accommodation unit in order to inspect it for damage.

Pets are allowed in accommodation units only with the host's and the agency's permission. Guests are not allowed to bring pets to the accommodation unit without prior notice, in which case the agency and the host are entitled to cancel the guest's reservation. Guests are required to keep their pets off the furniture, to keep them from damaging the property and to clean up after their pets in the accommodation unit, the property surroundings and on the beach. If it was previously agreed that the pet would stay outside of the accommodation unit, it is strictly forbidden to keep the pet inside.

It is not allowed to bring weapons, inflammable or explosive substances, substances with strong or unpleasant odour, any cooking appliances (e.g. portable burners) or other electrical equipment (e.g. fans) into the accommodation unit without the host's permission.

We kindly ask the guests to look after the accommodation unit and treat with care the furniture and equipment in the interior and the exterior of the property. It is not allowed to move furniture from one room to another or to take the interior equipment to another accommodation unit, outside or to the beach (e.g. kitchen chairs to the terrace, dishes and cutlery to another accommodation unit, towels or blankets from the apartment to the beach, deck chairs from the pool to the beach, etc.).

Guests may use equipment and appliances that are not part of the accommodation unit (barbecue, garage, etc.) only with the host's approval.

When leaving the accommodation unit, guests must make sure to close any beach umbrellas, switch off the lights, electrical devices and gas appliances, and close the taps. Guests should be particularly careful not to leave the air conditioning running when leaving the unit, and to keep the doors and windows closed while the air conditioning is running. It is also forbidden to throw waste into the toilets, sinks or other places not used for that purpose, including the garden and the accommodation unit surroundings.

It is strictly forbidden to bring third parties into the accommodation unit or its surroundings. If unregistered or undeclared persons are present in the accommodation unit, the agency and the host reserve the right to cancel accommodation for all guests. Guests from other apartments at the property or from other properties not owned by the host may not stay in the accommodation unit without the host's express permission.

Guests who intentionally or by accident cause damage to the property shall reimburse the host for any damages. The owner of the accommodation unit may ask the guest to pay a deposit for each accommodation unit booked. The guest shall pay the deposit on the day of arrival in the accommodation unit. The full amount of the deposit shall be refunded to the guest on the day of departure, if the accommodation unit is left undamaged. Billing and deposit information can be found in the accommodation list of rates or in the voucher.

If the guest's estimated time of arrival at the accommodation unit is later than 20:00, he is required to notify the property owner or the agency of his late arrival. Otherwise the host might assume that the guest is not coming, and rent the accommodation unit to somebody else.

On the day of departure, the guest must check out by 10:00, so that the unit can be cleaned and prepared for the next guest, who may check in after 14:00. The guest is obligated to leave the property in the same condition as he found it on the day of arrival - clean and undamaged.

We kindly ask the guests to observe the peace and quiet period from 14:00 to 17:00 and from 22:00 to 8:00 in order to not disturb the host, the neighbours or other guests.

Guests who do not comply with the House Regulations and who disturb the peace may have their booking cancelled. If the agency or the host cancel the booking due to noncompliance with the House Regulations, the cost of the stay will not be refunded, regardless of early check-out.

Upon check-in, it is assumed that the guest is familiar with these House Regulations and that he agrees to the obligations and conditions herein. Any disputes that cannot be resolved internally with the host or the agency will be resolved with police intervention or at the Court in Šibenik. Complaints are taken into consideration only if reported during the stay. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into consideration.

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